Isparta University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Forestry is one of 12 faculties established in Süleyman Demirel University by the Act No 3837, which was published in Official Gazette dated 11 July 1992 and numbered 21281. Faculty of Forestry consisting of departments of forest engineering, forest industrial engineering and landscape architecture started it’s education in 1995-1996 education year, with a decision made by the University Senate on 25 November 1995 and approval of this decision by Higher Education Board’s Executive Board on 18 April 1995.

The faculty has performed in Atabey District of Isparta until 2000-2001 education year. After that, it was relocated to central campus in Isparta and it moved to it’s new building in 2010.

Our faculty offers education in undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in forest engineering department, undergraduate and master’s degree in forest industrial engineering and landscape architecture departments. In addition, forest engineering and forest industrial engineering departments also offer secondary (evening) education. Wildlife ecology and management department will accept students for undergraduate education in 2012.